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Myoe Win Aung 007 ps

Watercolour, 38cm x 52cm
Artist Myo Win Aung

Myanmar has been opening up its stiff door wider to the world recently. Numerous new visitors to Myanmar are discovering the beautiful untouched nature, rich culture and traditions of the Myanmar people.

One surprising discovery is the large number of talented undiscovered artists in the country. Some of them have inherited and developed the traditions and styles of the old masters from early twentieth century, while many others are enjoying the newfound exposure to the world to explore new trends in arts. 

Founded since May 2014, Pirica Art Centre is offering a number of quarity fine art from Myanmar. Pirica Art Centre aims to profile dedicated and promising current Myanmar fine and contemporary artists from various generations. We have interviewed over 30 Myanmar artists about their perspective on arts, passions and challenges in their lives as in Life and Art of Myanmar Artists

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