U San Win

U San Win , Wunna Kyaw Httin
(1905 – 1981)

USW 1a

Village Scene (Study)
by U San Win
Oil on Board (Not for Sale)


Major painter of the Rangoon School in the post WWII period. Studied under Ward, much exposure to Ba Nyan. Attended Goldsmiths College, London, 1948-51. Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, 1952-53. Travelled abroad extensively. Introduced innovations in Burmese-style impressionism. Held important teaching positions and became deputy minister of art education. Received highest award for civil service. Myanmar National Museum, (Yangon) Universities Central Library, and Singapore Art Museum.

(Source: Burmese Painting - A Linear and Lateral History, Andrew Ranard, 1994)


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