Myoe Win Aung

Myoe Win Aung 019

“East Entrance in the Rain”
Watercolour, 37cm x 49cm

Myoe Win Aung is one of the leading watercolorists in Myanmar today.  One of the first painters to be discovered by foreign art lovers in the 1990s, he is both prolific in his output and versatile in his range of subjects which include traditional Myanmar landscapes in Bagan, Shan State, Sagaing Divisions, beaches and depictions of Buddhist life in his signature portraits of monks and nuns in everyday settings. His best works playfully capture the various textures and shadings of light to illuminate the beauty and fluidity of colour and light in nature.  His accessibility to and popularity with foreign viewers can be attributed to his wide array of Myanmar subjects, landscapes and rich variety of commonplace scenes of community, opening a window into Myanmar life.  His signature paintings of novices and young boys playing together are especially touching in its depiction of innocence, camaraderie and friendship. 

His art works have been presented at over eighteen overseas exhibitions including in the US, Europe, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore … read more

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