Moh Moh Win

Moh Moh Win 004 ps

"City Scene"
Watercolour, 27cm x 57cm, 2013

Moh Moh Win’s vibrant color schemes and bold brush strokes illuminate her landscape paintings of city life in Yangon and rural Myanmar. Moh Moh Win’s works are attracting more foreign art buyers to Yangon even as she continues to make her mark as one of the representative female painters in the gallery. Her signature cityscape paintings constantly explore the play of light and shadows in her interpretations of colour and mood in urban life. Her bold explorations of shadows and darkness in her city series gives her works a distinct modern feel. There is also an emotional resonance in her best works, which taps universal feelings of longing, regret and melancholia in their depictions of everyday Yangon life - either journeying home from a hard day’s work or relaxing by the waters along Yangon River at dusk... read more 

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