Zeyar Thinn

Zeyar Thinn 001 ps

Zeyar Thinn 001
Acrylic, 2014

After midnight, only after all her family went to bed, Zeyar Thinn sit alone in front of a canvas in her small prayer room or at a corner of the balcony with cool bliss under the moonlight. She grew up in this house, where her children and grandchildren grew and live together. Zeyar Thinn started painting since her house became an art gallery in 1987. She is a painter who paints with emotions. In a bleak field with a singletree, vast seashore under cloudy sky and calm reflection on a lake, Zeyar Thinn depicts inevitable feeling of loneliness, yet, peacefulness, as well as a gentle tenderness of mother’s love… read more 

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