Zay Yar Aye

lady-51, acrylic, 24x54inches

Acrylic, 24”x54” (61cm x 137cm)

A contemporary artist, an art teacher and educator, a gallery owner, a designer, a writer, a scholar and a philanthropist, with variety of identities, Zay Yar Aye is also a son of the late Myanmar painter U Tin Aye.   After studying Western Art in Japan and developing his own techniques and views of art, he devoted his talent and time to nurture and develop the standard of art education in Myanmar through his teaching tenure in the National University of Art and Culture in Yangon.

After leaving the university, Zay Yar Aye has been active in the art scene at Space Art Gallery. He remains a passionate and dedicated art teacher inspiring his students by his own passion for learning.  He has developed signature contemporary painting styles in his series; like, "Lady" or "In the rain". He often indulges his works with composed gold leaves, which would be influenced by Japanese “Makie. His works are far from labeling and categorizing, as in he is eagerly searching for varied meanings and visions of art … read more

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