Win Tint

IMG 2194

"Emerald Plain”
Acrylic, 2014

What people enjoy from Win Tint’s paintings? It could be the uniquely recomposed objects turning to the stylized images, strong and bold brush works, or well-thought colour combination appearing dramatic light and shadow. Above all appealing techniques, there are simple surprise and joy to find out how the artist captures Myanmar’s daily scenes and scenic landscapes and transforms them into the original, dramatic, ambivalently, peaceful art works.

Being recognized as a magazine illustrator as well as an art teacher in the State School of Fine Arts in Yangon for over two decades, he is an enthusiastic up-and-coming contemporary artist whose paintings were exhibited in Hong Kong (2004), USA (2010) and Republic of Korea (2013). His paintings are also collected by the National Museum in Yangon, Myanmar and Mosan Art Museum in Republic of Korea… read more

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