Thit Mon Oo 

Thit Mon Oo 006

“Road in Bagan”
Oil, 20cm x 25cm, 2014

Thit Mon Oo is subtly but eagerly searching the perfection in his oil paintings with careful and accurate manners. Harmonious color scheme, delicate brush touches and rather static settings, all contribute the particular composition that he always cares most. Thit Mon Oo’s paintings had been exhibited in Australia (1990), Thailand (2002, 2003) and USA (2003, 2004). He has been presented his works in GV regular group shows since 1990. 

A young man from Mon State turned to be a professional painter by entering the Yangon artist community through Golden Valley Art Centre (GV). Quiet and shy in character but he strongly desires to be established as an artist, which process can be seen in his rather prolific pieces … read more

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