Saw Kyaw Zaw

Saw Kyaw Zaw 001 ps

Saw Kyaw Zaw 001
Acrylic, 2013

The girl in the inherent Karen ethnic costume with dark complexion and absence of expression, but her sympathetic big eyes mysteriously talk to us in silence. The Saw Kyaw Zaw’s current signature works depict Karen girls in rather illustrative but sensitive and organic style, which is modified by the painter from the traditional drawing method called, Nayi.

Experienced the battles in his Karen hometown and grew up in the refugee camp on the Thai-Myanmar border, Saw Kyaw Zaw’s journey as an artist to sublime his and probably his people’s past and live has just begun. He is an instructor of Traditional Myanmar Art in the State School of Fine Art. His paintings are introduced inland and overseas including Hong Kong and Macau read more  

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