Pyeet Sone

Pyeet Sone 001 ps

"Ananda Pagoda Festival”
  Oil, 2014 

Ranging from realism to contemporary, Pyeet Sone, in his sixties, freely and bravely enjoys the variety of painting styles. Pyeet Sone was one of the direct students of the late art master U Thein Han and has over 40 year-career as a painter. Quiet and calm in character, yet, aggressive and enthusiastic to evolve new art styles.  Now he is eagerly absorbed in studying contemporary painting, which has recently introduced plenty and widely to Myanmar especially through Internet. As a painter as well as an art writer, Pyeet Sone is very happy for young artists to get more exposure to outside world and learn variety forms of arts, while admitting the adaptation of new art trend into his or her own art is individual challenge of each artist… read more 

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