Life and Art of Myanmar Artists 

Pann Kyi 005 b

“Silent Forest”, Pann Kyi

Acrylic, 100cm x 120cm

Pirica Art Centre has interviewed over 30 Myanmar distinguished as well as up-and-coming artists
 since March 2013.
During the interviews, many of these artists proudly described themselves as a “full-time artist”, that is, a professional artist making a living with his/her art works. This would be challenging anywhere.  

For Myanmar artists, especially during the political turmoil of this country, it was extreamly difficult to be a “full-time artist”.

However, I encountered a number of painters who endured numerous struggles, hardships, poverty and disappointments and yet never lost their passion for their art.

What makes them so strong and passionate?

These are the compelling life stories of Myanmar artists. 

 Aung Si Thu Hlaing

Cho San Lin

Hlaing Bwa

Maung Win Cho

Moh Moh Win

Myoe Win Aung

Pann Kyi

Win Aung 

Zay Yar Aye

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