About Purchase

The paintings of Myanmar artsits will be showcased and/or delivered in Singapore as on requests. 

Appologies for inconvenience but we are asking extra time for delivery since June 2017. 

Pann Kyi 008

“Greent Silent Forest”
Acrylic, 43cm x 43cm


* Please enquire about painting prices via the contact form.

* All painting prices mentioned are without frame.

* All painting prices include packing charge except for special packing orders by a buyer. 

* All painting prices mentioned do not include taxes/ tariffs imposed by the customer's country when the painting is received.

* All painting prices do not include delivery charges.

* After an invoice is issued to the customer, the price/s in the invoice will be valid for two weeks. 



* The oil and acrylic painting/s will be removed from strechers and the canvas will be rolled into plastic or paper tubes for delivery.

* The watercolour painting/s will be rolled into plastic or paper tubes for delivery.

* Upon request, the painting/s will not be removed from strechers and be packed by wrapping bubble for delivery. 



* The paintings will be delivered via postal service or international courier service.

* Painting/s will be sent out after the payment is confirmed.



* Payment will be done through PayPal and/or bank transfer to Singapore bank.

* The local cost for bank transfer would be covered by the buyer. 


Please contact us via contact form if any inquiry.

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